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Kahalu`u Gold Raw Tropical Farm Honey (Award Winning)


2020/2021 Good Food Awards Winner! Kahalu`u is truly a place of magical beauty tucked away up under the Ko`olau range near Kaneohe Bay on O`ahu's tropical windward side. It is a valley known for its cultivation of tropical flowers and the delicious golden honey produced by our busy 21 Degrees Estate bees, reflects the uniquely delicate floral notes, color and terroir of this place.

Though lighter in color and even in viscosity than conventional amber honeys, don't let the the light olive-oil translucence fool you into thinking you're tasting a "lightweight honey"...on the contrary, this special nectar is complex and bursting with gorgeous floral notes whose delicate flowers shine through with every taste!

We routinely sell out of this amazing product. Buy, pre-order or order yours today!

Additional information

Weight 171 g
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 8 cm
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