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Coco-Olena Vegan Turmeric Inclusion Bar 55% Cacao


Ta-da! This is our first inclusion bar at 21 Degrees Estate and it is well worth the wait! Crafted for us by award-winning Madre artisan chocolate maker, it combines three of the many superfoods we cultivate at the farm: coconut milk, single-origin cacao and `olena (turmeric).  All the creamy mouthfeel goodness of milk chocolate but entirely vegan.

Tasting Notes: the coconut milk in this bar lends an incredibly smooth and velvety texture and mouthfeel to this delicious bar. Caramelizing the turmeric gives a sweet balance to the gingery/curry notes of the `olena on the end notes.

Limited bars in this batch and, due to lower melt point of coconut milk, we do not ship between May and September. Order yours today and be among the first to share your own tasting notes on this one-of-a-kind origin bar!

**** Just in... this bar has just won "Finalist" status in the 2021 Good Food Awards for Chocolate!

Additional information

Weight 46 g
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 16 cm
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