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100% Hawai`i Grown & Made Brewing Chocolate


This mix of finely crushed  cocoa nibs and shells can be brewed like coffee or used a as a dry rub. Add a spoonful to loose-leaf tea blends and coffee grouns. When used in brewing beer, it lends a rich taste--great for IPAs, stouts and porters. Use for:

--a delicious chocolate drink brewed in any regular brewing device (french press, coffee maker etc)

--to add a rich taste to your IPA beer batches

--to add a savory-rich taste rubbed into your meat and poultry marinades.

Made for 21 Degrees Estate by award-winning O`ahu chocolate maker, Manoa, from  100%  high flavor profile Hawai`i grown cacao.

Additional information

Weight 412 g
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 25 cm
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